Meet Our Faculty

Learn About the People Who Make Up the Nanny Institute

The Nanny Institute has over 30 faculty members who are subject matter experts in their respective fields with advanced degrees and experience combined with a passion for child care.

The Nanny Institute course instructors are child psychologists, lawyers, physician assistants, dietitians, musicians, literary authors, nutritionists, teachers, fitness coaches, nurses, artists, career coaches, veterinarians, and professional nannies.


Kerri Beisner bio picture
Kerri Beisner, M.Ed
Dr. Tali Berkovitch bio picture
Dr. Tali Berkovitch
Elena Borrelli bio picture
Elena Borrelli, PA
Shaundra Boyd bio picture
Shaundra Boyd, M.Ed
Sereniti-Bradley bio picture
Sereniti Bradley, MBA
nanny faculty bio picture
Aaron Brandel, JD
Warren Burger bio picture
Warren Burger, MBA
Gregory Cassiere bio picture
Gregory Cassiere, M.Ed
Alaina Desjardin bio picture
Dr. Alaina Desjardin
Michelle Dragalin bio picture
Michelle Dragalin, M.Ed
Christine Ducz bio picture
Christine Ducz, M.Ed
Dr. Lauren Formy-Duval
Dr. Lauren Formy-Duval
Kathryn Gonsalves bio picture
Kathryn Gonsalves, Psy.M.
Annemarie Guertin bio picture
Annemarie Guertin, MAED
Chelsea Herndon bio picture
Chelsea Herndon, MAED
Dr. Ken James bio picture
Dr. Ken James
Jessica Lofton bio picture
Jessica Lofton, M.Ed
Elizabeth Malson bio picture
Elizabeth Malson, MS MBA
Andrea Malson bio picture
Andrea Malson, NP
Marlene Malson bio picture
Marlene Malson, MSOM
Alexandra Murr bio picture
Dr. Alexandra Murr
Sarah Olson, MS
Karli Ortmann bio picture
Karli Ortmann, MA
Jena Paulo bio picture
Jena Paulo, M.Ed
Darrin Prince bio picture
Darrin Prince, MACE
Denise Richardson bio picture
Denise Richardson, M.Ed
Dr. Jennifer Rodriquez Bosque bio picture
Dr. Jennifer Rodriquez-Bosque
Andrea Sowell Sammons bio pic
Andrea Sammons, MAT
Michele Silence bio picture
Michele Silence, Psy.M.
Dr. Beth Stutzmann
Dr. Beth Stutzmann
sara townley bio picture
Sara Townley, MSN
Allison Markham bio picture
Allison Winkelmann, MS
Lynn Zepp bio picture
Lynn Zepp, MSN
nanny institute faculty bio picture
Dr. Patricia Ziefle

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