The Ultimate Guide to Hiring a Nanny

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About the Ultimate Guide to Hiring a Nanny

Are you overwhelmed and tired at the end of each week trying to keep up with your kids, your job, and your house? Are you ready to finally get some help and time back to yourself?

You may need a nanny!

Don’t worry, you don’t have to do it alone! You can download the Ultimate Guide to Hiring a Nanny! This easy-to-use and free guide will help answer all of the questions that come up when you are trying to find the perfect nanny to look after your little ones.

If you are thinking about hiring a nanny, transitioning to a new nanny, or maintaining your current nanny, this guide will be your best resource!

Ultimate Guide to Hire and Manage a Nanny

Table of Contents –
The Ultimate Guide to Hiring a Nanny

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1   Why You Need a Nanny

2   Nanny Job Titles and Duties

3   Au Pairs

4   National Nanny Standards

5   Cost to Hire a Nanny

6   Find Nanny Candidates

7   Work with a Nanny Agency

8   Nanny Training & Certifications

9   Conduct Nanny Interviews

10   Assess Nanny Candidates

11   Respectfully Reject Candidates

12   Check Background and References

13   Nanny Work Agreements

14   Nanny Trial and Orientation

15   Payroll, Taxes, and Insurance

16   Employee Training

17   Nanny Arrivals and Departures (including Firing a Nanny)

18   Backup Care

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