Child Care & Nanny Contracts

Clearly Define Responsibilities and Expectations Between Employers and Nannies

The US Department of Labor Women’s Bureau just released sample work agreements and guidelines. The link below takes you to these resources which can be downloaded and modified.

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A Guide to Creating A Child Care Contract

A work agreement is simply a written document that specifies the relationship between an employee and an employer including expectations and compensation. Taking the time to draft, agree on terms, and sign a work agreement can protect both parties. Even more importantly, it can ensure everyone has the same expectations.

You can download an example nanny contract that includes all the elements needed to hire a part-time nanny, full-time nanny, live-in nanny, overnight nanny, or a newborn care specialist. The example covers nanny job duties, compensation, benefits including nanny training and so much more.

The Nanny Institute is providing this example to educate parents, nannies, lawyers and others about the unique considerations for in-home child care. The example illustrates components of a work agreement but the Nanny Institute is not responsible for any edits or modifications.

The Nanny Institute recommends a local lawyer review any contract between parents and nannies to ensure the agreement meets all federal, state and local laws.

Download Our Child Care Contract Example:

Free Online Class – Nanny Contract & Newborn Care Work Agreement Example

Nanny contracts and newborn care specialist contracts help reduce confusion and create a more positive experience. A too-informal work arrangement can cause confusion whereby, a well-written agreement can provide clarity and make disputes easier to solve amicably. Setting expectations and guidelines at the beginning of a working relationship will create a foundation for success.

This course will share why you need a nanny agreement and what elements should be included in a nanny contract. The second video walks through a 14-page example that can be modified to your nanny job.

This free course is an example of our on-demand classes. You can learn more about our comprehensive nanny training and certification programs.