Let Us Help You Answer Those Common Questions


Can I watch the classes on my phone?
    1. Yes. You can download the SAP Litmos app and log in to your student portal on your phone. Each class has a study guide that can be completed so you may want to download or print the study guide from a computer prior to watching the class on your phone.
    Are there financial payment plans, discounts or sales?
      1. The Nanny Institute allows you to make $445 payments over time by purchasing each level separately. This allows students to pay for 10 hours of class at a time. The Nanny Institute also offers scholarships, when available. While businesses can offer discounts and sales, the Nanny Institute is a career college and adheres to the Department of Education requirements. Licensed post-secondary schools must comply with 6E-1.0032(7), F.A.C which states, “Tuition or fee discounts are not permissible.”
      Are the classes available in Spanish or other languages?
      1. No. Currently, all classes are available in English only.
      Will I need to buy textbooks?
      1. No, all the course materials are available online and included in the tuition and fees. Every course has a study guide that can be downloaded and used to capture notes from the course. these study guides create a textbook that you can keep. The materials are for personal use only. All course videos and resources are copyrighted and cannot be used for any business purpose.
      I am not living in the US and I am not a US citizen, can I enroll?
      1. Yes, you can enroll online and complete the program from any location in the world. Job placement services; however, are only available to those living in the United States.You do not need to be a United States citizen but you must upload a copy of a government-issued identification from any recognized country to verify your identity.
      Do these programs count for the US Nanny Association Certifications?
      1. Yes. All programs (Basic, Intermediate, Advanced, Specialist and Professional Childcare, Newborn Care Specialist and eLearning Facilitator) are accepted by the US Nanny Association for the training requirements to earn the Nanny and Childcare Provider (NCP) Credential. The Newborn Care program is accepted by the US Nanny Association for the training requirements for the Newborn and Infant Care Professional (NICP). The Professional Childcare program is accepted by the US Nanny Association for the training requirements to earn the Professional Nanny and Childcare Provider (PNCP) Credential.
      2. The US Nanny Association and the Nanny Institute are separate entities. Like many childcare businesses, the Nanny Institute is an organization member of the US Nanny Association.

      What are the enrollment requirements?
      1. Enrollment requires students to be at least 18 years old and have a government-issued identification (from any recognized country). Students sign up online by paying the tuition and fees, then immediately checking their email SPAM or Junk folder to access and log in to their student account. Students must sign an Enrollment Agreement and upload a copy of government-issued identification. Within 30 minutes of signing the paperwork and confirming the student’s identity, the classes will unlock in the student’s account and they can begin the program.
      Is there a refund policy?
      1. Yes. The Nanny Institute refund policy can be found at usnannyinstitute.com/refund-policy

      Program Requirements

      Can I take just the classes and not the exams?
      1. Yes, you can audit the program. While auditing a program, students will have access to all class materials but will not need to complete the quizzes or exams. Students communicate this choice by submitting a signed Program Audit Form. Fees for auditing are the same as those for programs in which credit is received.
      Can I transfer credits from another college program?
      1. No. Due to the specialization of our program to nannies who work in the home environment, transfer credits from other institutions are not accepted.
      Can I take the classes in any order?
      1. Yes, within each level you are able to select the order in which you take the classes. The levels must be taken in order so you will not have access to the Intermediate classes (level 2) until you have completed the Basic program (level 1).
      Can I fast forward or replay classes?
      1. While you cannot fast-forward through a class, you can rewind and/or replay the class as many times as you would like during the 12 week enrollment period. To ensure all students complete the program and attend all classes, the online student management system requires that all classes be viewed and the practice quiz to be completed for the proficiency exam to be unlocked. 
      Can I skip some classes or levels?
      1. No. The Nanny Institute’s reputation is built on our comprehensive curriculum. Students must complete all courses and submit the required documents prior to the exam. The exam is locked by the online learning system until the program requirements are completed. All students who want to earn the certification must pass the exam. 

      Program Completion and Career Services

      How long does it take to get the certification after I pass the exam?
      1. Immediately. You will be able to download your certification and transcript immediately upon completing all the program requirements.
      Do the certifications expire?
      1. No. Once earned, the certification remains valid. Continuing education is strongly encouraged so that students can progress their careers.
      How can graduates work with Nanny Institute’s partners?
      1. Graduates and Nanny Institute partners – reputable Nanny Agencies and Domestic Placement Services across the United States – have the option but not an obligation to work with each other. Graduates seek top jobs that are often filled by agencies and agencies recruit top talent to fill their best jobs. The Nanny Institute provides information and introductions but all job placement services provided to graduates by a Nanny Agency or Domestic Placement Organization are the sole responsibility of that agency or organization. It is up to the graduate and agency to engage with each other. The Nanny Institute does not guarantee employment.
      What career services are included with the program?
      1. Job placement courses are included and provide training on how to write a resume, search for a job, interview, an example work agreement and how to negotiate compensation.
      How long does it take to complete the program?
      1. It depends on the student. The online program will go at the pace of the student who can finish in days or take up to 12 weeks. The Basic program will load first into the online student portal and the Basic exam will be unlocked when all the Basic level classes and required paperwork are completed. The Nanny Institute staff review submitted documents and attempt to approve correctly submitted materials within 1 business day. The Nanny Institute reviews all student submissions within 5 business days; however, incomplete documents and/or an inability to verifying documents may require additional time. The Childcare Certifications are issued electronically immediately upon the completion of the program.

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