Free Online Class – Nanny Contract & Newborn Care Work Agreement Example

Taking time to think through and write down job expectations will help ensure parents and nannies understands the responsibilities and compensation. Nanny contracts and newborn care specialist contracts help reduce confusion and create a more positive experience. This course will share why you need a nanny agreement and what elements should be included in a nanny contract. The second video walks through a 14-page example that can be modified to your nanny job.


Download – Nanny Contract & Newborn Care Work Agreement Example

You can download an example nanny contract that includes all the elements needed to hire a part-time nanny, full-time nanny, live-in nanny, overnight nanny, or a newborn care specialist. The example covers nanny job duties, compensation, benefits including nanny training and so much more. You can download the nanny contract example as Word (.doc), Adobe (.pdf) or .pages file. The file is unlocked so you can modify, edit and delete.

The US Nanny Institute is providing this example to educate parents, nannies, lawyers and others about the unique considerations for in-home childcare. The example illustrates components of a work agreement but the US Nanny Institute is not responsible for any edits or modifications. The US Nanny Institute recommends a local lawyer review any contract between parents and nannies to ensure the agreement meets all federal, state and local laws.



Ultimate Guide to Hire a Nanny

Hiring a Nanny, Sitter, Au Pair or Household Manager? You’ll Love this Guide! The Ultimate Guide to Hire a Nanny has 18 chapters to help families hire a great nanny. The Ultimate Nanny Guide is available to download as an eBook or watch as a webinar series.

Chapter 1: Why you need a nanny
Chapter 2: Nanny job titles and duties
Chapter 3: Au Pairs
Chapter 4: National Nanny Standards
Chapter 5: Cost to hire a nanny
Chapter 6: Find nanny candidates
Chapter 7: Work with a nanny agency
Chapter 8: Nanny training & certification
Chapter 9: Conduct nanny interviews
Chapter 10: Assess nanny candidates
Chapter 11: Respectfully reject candidates
Chapter 12: Background checks and references
Chapter 13: Nanny work agreements
Chapter 14: Trials and orientations
Chapter 15: Nanny payroll, taxes and insurance
Chapter 16: Employee training
Chapter 17: Nanny arrivals and departures (how to fire a nanny)
Chapter 18: Backup care​