by Gwen Payne of Invisible Moms

Deciding on the perfect time to invest can be tricky when starting a new child care business. The cost of living, the economy, quality of life, demand for childcare services and local culture are just some of the things that impact the success of your company. Fortunately, child care is booming across the country right now, it’s a wonderful time to get into this type of business.

Today, the Nanny Institute is proud to offer just a few of the reasons why you should start your new child care business (and we’ll happily train and certify your nannies).

The Community

All across the country, demand exceeds the supply for childcare and many families are struggling. This is creating a great opportunity for entrepreneurs and solopreneurs starting out in child care. Many employees are also assessing what they want to do professionally so you  may have a different talent pool from which to hire your employees.

Obviously, your local community is paramount to your business’s success. From your staff and customers to business owners and mentors, the people around you will help you persevere through difficult times. Having a community of motivational and inspirational entrepreneurs and mentors around you is something you should seek out either locally or nationwide. There are many national groups and business leaders, like the founder of the US Nanny Association, who may help you out, if you reach out. ’.

Office Rentals

The cost of living is extremely important when starting a business. With lower rental prices and down payment assistance services such as VA loans available business owners can create a longer and more stable runway to ensure their company gets off to the best start.


An area with a flourishing economy is the best environment for your new business. A growing economy leads to greater governmental finances, reduced poverty, and increased community spending.,

Business Quick-Start

If you’re planning to start a limited liability company (LLC), you’ll need to know the city-specific licensing requirements and register your business with the Department of Business and Professional Regulation. The benefits of an LLC include improved business flexibility, paperwork reduction, no double taxation, and limited personal responsibility for debts.

Once you’re started, there are other ways you can save money. For instance, focus your energies on advertising for free on social media. Or you can use this tool to create Facebook ads. Then you can create targeted advertisements for your child care business to young families in the area.


Your new business may benefit from some important partnerships. In childcare, the Nanny Institute is the best in class options for training. The US Nanny Association can help promote your business to both parents and nannies as well as Certify your Professional Nannies. Building relationships with non-competing business that support childcare is a great way to elevate your offerings to your customers.